Cooking Fever Mod Apk v19.0.0 Download (Unlimited Money, Coins, Unlocked)

Cooking Fever Mod Apk v19.0.0 Download (Unlimited Money, Coins, Unlocked)
Name Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game… Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game is the most famous version in the Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game series of publisher Nordcurrent Games
Publisher Nordcurrent Games
Genre Arcade
Size 204M
Version 19.0.0
Mod Version 19.0.0
Update Jul 26, 2023
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Android Android Arcade
4.4 ( 403 ratings )
Price: $ 0

“Cooking Fever” is a popular cooking simulation game that lets you become a virtual chef and manage your own restaurant. In the game, you prepare a variety of dishes, serve customers, and upgrade your kitchen to become a culinary master. The “Cooking Fever Mod Apk v19.0.0” version offers exciting features such as unlimited money, coins, and unlocked content, enhancing your gameplay experience. Let’s delve into the details of the game and its mod features:

About “Cooking Fever”:

“Cooking Fever” provides a captivating gameplay experience where you can cook and serve dishes from around the world. As a chef, you’ll have the opportunity to run various types of restaurants, from fast-food joints to elegant dining establishments. The game challenges your time management skills as you strive to meet customer demands and earn high ratings.

Features of the Mod Apk v19.0.0:

  1. Unlimited Money and Coins: With unlimited money and coins, you can upgrade your kitchen equipment, unlock new recipes, and decorate your restaurants to attract more customers.
  2. Unlocked Content: The mod version unlocks premium content, allowing you to access new levels, restaurants, and challenges without the need for in-game purchases.
  3. Exciting Locations: Serve dishes in different locations, including fast-food restaurants, seafood restaurants, bakeries, and more.
  4. Vast Range of Dishes: Cook hundreds of delicious dishes, from burgers and pizzas to sushi and pastries, to satisfy the diverse tastes of your virtual customers.
  5. Upgradable Kitchen: Improve your kitchen with modern appliances and utensils to prepare dishes more efficiently.
  6. Challenging Levels: Each restaurant offers unique challenges and time constraints, testing your multitasking abilities.
  7. Interactive Gameplay: Use intuitive controls to prepare ingredients, cook, and serve dishes to your customers.
  8. Decorate and Customize: Decorate your restaurants with various themes and personalize your character’s appearance.

How to Play:

  1. Cooking: Follow recipes by tapping on ingredients and kitchen appliances to prepare dishes. Watch out for cooking times and doneness indicators.
  2. Serving: Drag prepared dishes to customers to serve them. Serve quickly to keep customers happy and earn more points.
  3. Upgrading: Use your earnings to upgrade kitchen equipment, interior decorations, and unlock new restaurants.
  4. Time Management: Manage your time efficiently to serve as many customers as possible within the time limit.
  5. Challenges: Complete levels and challenges to earn rewards and progress to new restaurants.

Restaurant Progression:

  1. Fast-Food Court: This is the starting restaurant where you’ll learn the basics of cooking and serving. As you complete levels and earn stars, you’ll unlock new restaurants.
  2. Bakery: After earning a certain number of stars in the Fast-Food Court, the Bakery will be unlocked. Here, you’ll bake delicious pastries and desserts.
  3. Seafood Restaurant: The Seafood Restaurant offers a new challenge as you prepare seafood dishes for hungry customers.
  4. Chinese Restaurant: Experience the art of Chinese cuisine by cooking traditional dishes in this restaurant.
  5. Pizza Restaurant: Master the art of making pizzas and satisfying the cravings of pizza lovers.
  6. Indian Restaurant: Spice things up in the Indian Restaurant by cooking flavorful and aromatic Indian dishes.
  7. Burger Joint: Return to the world of burgers and fast food with upgraded equipment and new challenges.
  8. Cafeteria: In this restaurant, you’ll serve a variety of meals to students and workers.
  9. Sushi Restaurant: Dive into the world of sushi preparation and serve fresh and delicious sushi dishes.
  10. Ice Cream Parlor: Cool down with sweet treats as you scoop and serve ice cream to eager customers.
  11. House of Crab: Experiment with seafood flavors and cook up a storm in the House of Crab.
  12. Pizzeria: The Pizzeria offers a different pizza-making experience and additional challenges.
  13. Chinese Buffet: Manage a buffet-style restaurant and keep the dishes flowing for hungry customers.
  14. Sushi Boat: This restaurant takes sushi preparation to the next level with creative presentations.
  15. FC Barcelona Sports Bar: Serve sports fans delicious snacks while they watch the game.

Gameplay Levels:

Each restaurant contains multiple levels that increase in complexity as you progress. In each level, you’ll have a specific goal to achieve, such as earning a certain number of coins, serving a set number of customers, or achieving a high rating. As you complete levels and earn stars, you’ll unlock new restaurants and progress through the game.

Sure, here are 5 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the game “Cooking Fever”:

1. How do I earn coins and gems in Cooking Fever? Coins are earned by completing levels and serving customers. You can also earn additional coins by upgrading your kitchen equipment and successfully completing daily challenges. Gems can be earned by leveling up, completing achievements, and by watching in-game ads. Both coins and gems are essential for purchasing new restaurant upgrades and unlocking new restaurants.

2. Are there time limits in the game? Yes, each level in “Cooking Fever” comes with a time limit. You need to prepare and serve dishes to customers within the given time to earn points and progress in the game. As you advance to higher levels and restaurants, the time limits become more challenging, requiring quick thinking and efficient management.

3. Can I upgrade my kitchen equipment? Yes, upgrading your kitchen equipment is crucial for improving your cooking speed and efficiency. Upgraded equipment allows you to cook dishes faster, resulting in happier customers and higher tips. Spend your hard-earned coins wisely on equipment upgrades to ensure smooth gameplay.

4. Can I unlock new restaurants in Cooking Fever? Yes, as you progress through the game and earn stars by completing levels, you’ll unlock new restaurants. Each restaurant offers a different culinary experience with unique dishes and challenges. To unlock new restaurants, earn a certain number of stars in your current restaurant.

5. How do I deal with difficult customers and high-demand situations? As the game progresses, you’ll encounter challenging levels with demanding customers and high demand for certain dishes. To handle these situations, prioritize cooking dishes that have longer cooking times first, as they can be cooking while you attend to other tasks. Keep an eye on the patience meters of customers and try to serve impatient customers first. Utilize upgrades and power-ups strategically to keep up with the pace and meet customer demands.

Whats New

A new Korean Restaurant is ready to open its doors in Cooking Fever!
New delicious dishes to unlock: Kimchi, Bingsu, and the sweet Dalgona candy!
New challenge levels for the Flipping Pancake restaurant.
Various bug fixes and small improvements to make your gaming experience smoother.
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