Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk v11.14.2 Download (Unlimited Boosters, Coins)

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk v11.14.2 Download (Unlimited Boosters, Coins)
Name Angry Birds Friends… Angry Birds Friends is the most famous version in the Angry Birds Friends series of publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Casual
Size 107M
Version 11.14.2
Mod Version 11.14.2
Update Aug 3, 2023
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Android Android Casual
4.4 ( 565 ratings )
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Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk is a thrilling twist on the classic Angry Birds game, offering players unlimited boosters and coins to enhance their gameplay experience. Join the iconic flock of birds on a new adventure as you take on challenging levels and compete with friends for the highest scores.

Key Features:

  1. Unlimited Boosters and Coins: The modded version of Angry Birds Friends provides you with unlimited boosters and coins, giving you the power to tackle even the trickiest levels and challenges.
  2. Compete with Friends: Connect with your friends through social media platforms and engage in friendly competition. Challenge them to beat your scores and claim the title of the ultimate Angry Birds champion.
  3. New Levels and Challenges: Experience fresh and exciting levels regularly as the game is frequently updated with new challenges and obstacles. Use your boosters strategically to conquer each level.
  4. Unique Power-Ups: Utilize a variety of power-ups and boosters to enhance your gameplay. With unlimited resources, you can experiment and strategize with different power-up combinations.
  5. Customizable Birds: Customize your birds with various hats, accessories, and outfits to make them stand out and showcase your personal style.
  6. Social Leaderboards: Climb the leaderboards and prove your skills to the Angry Birds community. Compare your scores with players from around the world and aim for the top spot.

Installation Steps:

  1. Download the Modded APK: Download the modded APK file from a reliable source.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources: Before installation, enable the “Install from unknown sources” option in your device settings.
  3. Install the Mod: Open the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the modded game on your device.
  4. Start Playing: Launch the game and immerse yourself in the world of Angry Birds with unlimited boosters and coins at your disposal.

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk Gameplay: Unleash the Feathers of Fury

Introduction: Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk takes the classic Angry Birds gameplay to new heights by offering players unlimited boosters and coins. Dive into a world of slingshot antics, clever strategies, and friendly competition as you aim to conquer levels, defeat pesky pigs, and achieve high scores with ease.

Familiar Mechanics, Exciting Twist: The gameplay in Angry Birds Friends remains faithful to the series’ signature mechanics. You’ll use a slingshot to launch a variety of birds with unique abilities at structures inhabited by mischievous pigs. The goal? To obliterate the pigs and complete the levels with as few shots as possible.

Unlimited Boosters and Coins: With the modded version, you have an abundance of boosters and coins at your disposal. This means you can strategically deploy power-ups and boosters to overcome even the most challenging levels. Whether it’s a precision shot or a mighty explosion, you’ll have the tools to make each move count.

Social Competition: What sets Angry Birds Friends apart is its emphasis on social interaction. You can connect your game to your social media accounts, challenge your friends, and compete for the highest scores. Friendly rivalry adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation as you aim to outdo your pals.

Customization and Power-Ups: Beyond the gameplay, Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk offers customization options for your feathered heroes. Dress them up in various hats and accessories to showcase your unique style. Additionally, with unlimited boosters, you can experiment with different power-up combinations for maximum impact.

Dynamic Levels and Challenges: The game is consistently updated with new levels, challenges, and themed events. This ensures that your Angry Birds adventure remains fresh and engaging, with plenty of opportunities to test your slingshot skills and outsmart those crafty pigs.

Leaderboards and Achievements: Track your progress on global leaderboards and compare your scores with players from around the world. Complete achievements and earn rewards as you advance through the levels and demonstrate your mastery of the game.


Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk offers a refreshed and exciting take on the beloved Angry Birds series. With unlimited boosters and coins, you can tackle challenging levels, compete with friends, and customize your feathered friends in style. Engage in friendly competition, master new levels, and strategize with unique power-ups as you aim to top the leaderboards and become the ultimate Angry Birds champion.

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk?
    • A: Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular Angry Birds Friends game that offers players unlimited boosters and coins. This mod allows you to enjoy the game with enhanced resources for an even more exciting gameplay experience.
  2. Q: How does the modded version differ from the original game?
    • A: The modded version provides players with unlimited boosters and coins, giving you the freedom to use power-ups and customize your gameplay without worrying about resource limitations.
  3. Q: Can I connect with friends and compete with them in the modded version?
    • A: Yes, the modded version still retains the social features of the original game. You can connect with your friends through social media platforms, challenge them to beat your scores, and engage in friendly competition.
  4. Q: What are the advantages of unlimited boosters and coins?
    • A: Unlimited boosters and coins empower you to approach each level with enhanced strategies. You can use power-ups more liberally, experiment with different tactics, and confidently tackle challenging levels.
  5. Q: Is the gameplay similar to the original Angry Birds Friends?
    • A: Yes, the gameplay in the modded version remains true to the classic Angry Birds Friends mechanics. You’ll still be slingshotting birds to defeat pigs and complete levels, but with the added advantage of unlimited resources.
  6. Q: Can I customize the birds and use power-ups in the modded version?
    • A: Absolutely! The modded version allows you to customize your birds with hats and accessories, just like in the original game. Additionally, you can use a variety of power-ups with the advantage of unlimited resources.
  7. Q: Is the modded version safe to download and install?
    • A: It’s important to download modded versions of games from reputable sources to ensure safety. Always exercise caution when downloading and installing any app or game from the internet.
  8. Q: Does the modded version impact the overall game experience?
    • A: The modded version enhances the game experience by providing players with more resources to enjoy the game without restrictions. It allows you to focus on strategy and enjoyment rather than resource management.

Whats New

MORE Angry Birds Friends:
- New original tournaments, new challenging levels, and a new chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard!
- Performance improvements
- Balance tweaking and fine-tuning

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