8 Ball Pool Mod Apk v5.13.3 Download (Unlimited Money, Long Line, Cues)

8 Ball Pool Mod Apk v5.13.3 Download (Unlimited Money, Long Line, Cues)
Name 8 Ball Pool… 8 Ball Pool is the most famous version in the 8 Ball Pool series of publisher Miniclip.com
Publisher Miniclip.com
Genre Sports
Size 55M
Version 5.13.3
Mod Version 5.13.3
Update Aug 14, 2023
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Android Android Sports
4.5 ( 120 ratings )
Price: $ 0

Introduction to 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk v5.13.3:

Indulge in the world of pool with a twist of excitement through 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk v5.13.3. This modified version of the popular pool game offers players the opportunity to experience unlimited money, extended aim lines, and access to special cues, taking your pool skills to the next level.

About 8 Ball Pool: Engage in Virtual Billiards with Real Opponents

Introduction: 8 Ball Pool is a captivating and widely popular multiplayer online game that brings the classic game of billiards to the digital realm. Developed by Miniclip, this game offers an immersive experience that allows players to compete against opponents from all over the world in thrilling one-on-one pool matches.

Gameplay: In 8 Ball Pool, players take on the role of skilled pool players, aiming to pot their assigned set of balls (stripes or solids) and the black 8 ball to secure victory. The game adheres to the rules of traditional 8-ball pool, where players must strategically pocket their balls while avoiding fouls such as potting the white ball or failing to hit any ball.

Key Features:

  1. Online Multiplayer: Connect with friends or challenge random players online. The game’s real-time multiplayer mode adds a competitive edge, allowing players to demonstrate their cue ball control and aiming skills against opponents from around the globe.
  2. Variety of Tables: 8 Ball Pool offers a range of beautifully designed and uniquely themed pool tables, each with its own distinct characteristics. Players can choose tables that suit their preferences and challenge levels.
  3. Cues and Customization: Customize your gaming experience by selecting from a variety of cues with different attributes and designs. You can personalize your cues to match your style and level up your cue collection as you progress.
  4. Tournaments and Challenges: Participate in tournaments and special challenges to earn rewards, experience points, and in-game currency. These events add depth and excitement to the gameplay, encouraging players to continuously improve their skills.
  5. Level Progression: As you win matches and earn experience points, you’ll level up and unlock new features, tables, cues, and game modes. The progression system keeps players engaged and motivated to reach higher levels.
  6. In-Game Currency: Earn and spend coins to enter matches, purchase cues, customize tables, and more. Skillful play can earn you more coins, allowing you to access higher-stakes games and exclusive items.
  7. Social Interaction: The game’s social features enable players to connect with friends, send and receive gifts, and engage in friendly matches or challenging tournaments together.

Key Features and Highlights:

  1. Unlimited Money: Enjoy the advantage of unlimited in-game currency, allowing you to participate in higher stake matches, customize cues, and compete at a higher level.
  2. Long Aim Line: Utilize the extended aim line to enhance your shot accuracy. This feature helps you line up shots and calculate angles more effectively.
  3. Special Cues: Access special cues with unique attributes and designs that can give you an edge in the game. Choose the right cue to match your playing style.
  4. Online Multiplayer: Challenge players from around the world in real-time multiplayer matches. Show off your skills, win matches, and climb the leaderboards.
  5. Customization: Customize your cues and table with a variety of designs and colors. Personalize your gaming experience to stand out on the virtual pool table.

How to Play 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk v5.13.3:

  1. Download and Install: Download the modded APK file from a trusted source. Allow installations from unknown sources in your device settings before proceeding.
  2. Open the Game: Launch 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk v5.13.3 and log in with your existing account or create a new one.
  3. Unlimited Money: Take advantage of the unlimited money to participate in higher-stake matches and unlock various in-game items.
  4. Use Extended Aim Lines: Use the extended aim lines to align your shots accurately. Plan your shots and calculate angles for precise shots.
  5. Select Special Cues: Access the special cues with unique attributes. Choose cues that complement your playing style and give you an advantage in matches.
  6. Challenge Opponents: Enter online multiplayer matches and challenge opponents from different parts of the world. Showcase your skills and win matches to earn rewards.

How to Level Up in 8 Ball Pool: Mastering the Progression System

Introduction: Leveling up in 8 Ball Pool is a crucial aspect of the game that allows players to unlock new features, tables, cues, and game modes. As you progress through the levels, you’ll gain access to a wider array of challenges and customization options. Here’s how to level up effectively and efficiently:

Playing Matches:

  1. Winning Matches: Winning matches is the primary way to earn experience points (XP). The higher the stakes of the match, the more XP you’ll earn. Aim to win as many matches as possible to accumulate XP.
  2. Completing Challenges: Participating in tournaments, challenges, and events can reward you with additional XP. Keep an eye out for special events and limited-time challenges to maximize your XP gains.

Improving Your Skills: 3. Aiming Accurately: Accurate aiming and successful shots contribute to XP. Aim carefully and use the extended aim lines effectively to increase your chances of potting balls.

  1. Executing Skillful Shots: Pulling off skillful shots such as bank shots, combo shots, and trick shots can earn you bonus XP. Experiment with different shot techniques to enhance your gameplay.

Progression Rewards: 5. Daily Rewards: Log in daily to receive daily rewards, which often include XP boosts. Consistent daily play can help you accumulate XP faster.

  1. Climbing the Ranks: As you level up, you’ll unlock higher-ranking tables and more challenging opponents. Competing against stronger players can lead to greater XP rewards.

Using XP Boosts: 7. XP Boosters: Occasionally, the game offers XP boosters that multiply the XP you earn for a certain number of matches. Use these boosters strategically to maximize your XP gains.

Customizing and Upgrading: 8. Cues and Tables: Spending in-game currency to purchase and upgrade cues and tables can contribute to your XP. The customization and improvement of your gaming equipment can lead to additional XP rewards.


8 Ball Pool Mod Apk v5.13.3 offers an exhilarating experience with its unlimited money, extended aim lines, and special cues. Dive into the competitive world of pool and refine your skills with enhanced resources and advantages. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious pool enthusiast, this modded version adds a new layer of excitement to the classic game of 8 Ball Pool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 8 Ball Pool:

Q1: What is 8 Ball Pool?

A1: 8 Ball Pool is a popular multiplayer online game that simulates the classic game of billiards. Players can engage in real-time matches against opponents from around the world, showcasing their cue ball control and aiming skills.

Q2: How do I level up in 8 Ball Pool?

A2: To level up in 8 Ball Pool, you need to earn experience points (XP). Winning matches, completing challenges, executing skillful shots, and participating in events can all earn you XP. The higher your XP, the more you progress through the levels, unlocking new features and customization options.

Q3: What benefits do leveling up provide?

A3: Leveling up in 8 Ball Pool unlocks various rewards, such as new cues, tables, and game modes. It also allows you to compete against stronger opponents, enhancing the challenge and excitement of the game.

Q4: How can I win matches more effectively?

A4: To win matches in 8 Ball Pool, focus on accurate aiming, strategic positioning, and consistent potting of balls. Utilize the extended aim lines to line up shots accurately, and practice various shot techniques to improve your gameplay.

Q5: Are there special events and challenges in the game?

A5: Yes, 8 Ball Pool regularly offers special events, challenges, and tournaments. Participating in these events can reward you with experience points (XP), in-game currency, and unique rewards. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements for upcoming events.

Whats New

It’s time for a new 8 Ball Pool update!
A new great Season is down the road, so download the latest version and enjoy the game at maximum.
Also, we’ve made some tweaks and improvements and solved some pesky bugs, making 8 Ball Pool even smoother for your entertainment!
Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!

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